My perfect pair

Hello today i will speack about my perfect pair . So First of all he must be smart and creative and super fast doing the materiel …Naah did you really believe that i want something like that ? if your answer was yes then congrats you don’t know anything about

My perfect pair is the one who have really the passion to learn new things and have no problem asking for help from me or someone else ,not every time for sure because he must try things by himself and communicate, because it doesn’t metter if you are the most intelegent if you are arrogant just to ask for that little hint. You may say that there is smart and peaple and they ask for help in the same time , and i will say yes ofcorse ther is and that also perfect for the most of the peaple but he must be a good teacher to help me if i dont understand somthing .

That was my idea about my perfect pair in the technical side ,now let’s talk about his soft skills which are most important :he must be funny … not a clown for sure , but he must have a little humor that will decrease the tension , understanding when i want to go slow with something , patient if we stuck in materiel or when we couldn’t fix something ( don’t lose it … )and that’s it for my perfect pair .

Some of you may ask am i that perfect pair ? well yes , or at least i’m trying …

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